Websites & Social Media: Working Together, not Separately

Websites & Social Media: Working Together, not Separately

WebSIGHT webcasts explore tips & intelligence on a variety of web-related topics to help you make your online properties more effective tools for your business. In this episode, we’re going to talk about why it’s so important to think of social media as a complementary — not standalone — part of your online presence.


We want you to understand a little more about why websites & social media should work hand-in-hand, not against or independent of each other, so your entire online presence does a better job of converting people into buyers.

Who Should Watch:

If you can identify with the following scenario, this episode is for you…

You’re at a crossroads. “Across the street” is this shiny new thing called SOCIAL MEDIA that has a ton of cool features, is easy to update, and lets you expand your audience base so much more easily than the traditional online marketing channels like SEO and Pay Per Click. And then there’s your website, which is arguably your most powerful online asset, but feels like it’s harder to make successful compared to social media. Typical “grass is greener” thinking.


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I own Shovi Websites, a website design and email marketing company located outside Boston. I spend my days managing websites and staying up to speed with all the latest trends across the web so you don't have to.

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  • Guest

    This was a great first webcast. It was a brainstorming session where I compiled four pages of ideas and resolutions. Reviewing my online strategy is like assessing my workout routines: Am I doing enough or too much of one thing; Am I lifting weights and challenging myself to grow or am I showing up occasionally to do that. Are resulting showing or am I just maintaining. The weekly review session has to be an active part of my business plan. I’m looking forward to making these webcasts a part of my routine.

    • Stephan Hovnanian

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • Katie Klein

    Great webcast. : ) I really enjoyed listening to it! Great information.

    Katie Klein

    • Stephan Hovnanian

      Thank you Katie!

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