The Pocket Guide to Google+

The Pocket Guide to Google+

Take your Google Plus marketing up a notch with the Google+ Pro Tips ebooks series.

Take your Google Plus marketing up a notch with the Google+ Pro Tips ebooks series.

Every once in a while, a resource comes along that weaves its way into the thread of a social network. Through the power of Google Drive, Google+ user Michael Bennett has created that resource.

Bennett has developed fifteen “decks” of Google+ Influencers and authorities on various topics. Each of these decks contained hours and pages of each influencer’s best content, from hangouts to blog posts.

Reimagined Content using Google+

Google+ Pocket Guide

Here is where these decks really shine, and why you should consider reimagining your blog posts as Google Drive presentations.

  1. Each Google+ post embeds the deck so users can view everything directly from the social network. Even the YouTube videos play within the document.
  2. Creating a “presentation” of content also means it can be downloaded for later, used in a screenshare during a hangout or seminar, or even republished to SlideShare.
  3. Even though the deck is interactive, you can pin the main image to Pinterest, which drives traffic back to the Google+ post, where the visitor can interact, share, and circle influential users.

The Pocket Guide to Google+

Below is the guide. What’s even more genius is how Bennett took this slide and added it to the rest of the decks he created. This ties everything together into a single resource.

Even though creating these decks is simple, sometimes we have too many other things to do to cross-promote our blogs. So, if you would like to contact Michael Bennett to have him repurpose some or all of your blog content, just click his name and send him a message from Google+.

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