Build a Realistic, Powerful Social Strategy

Build a Realistic, Powerful Social Strategy

social-media-power-chat-strategy-brandingHow long have you been in business? Three years? Five years? Twenty-five years? Are you trying to figure out how to make sense of all this online marketing jargon?

I have great news. You are more ahead of the game than you think.

In this Social Media Power Chat, Mia Voss hosts myself, Ben Fisher, and Rebekah Radice for an all-out strategy session to talk about what really works, what’s important, and how to build systems for yourself that cut through the noise of social media marketing content.

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14:00 – Rebekah talks about how content marketing is a foundation.

15:36 – Ben talks about taking the questions that people want to know about and creating articles from them, then repurposing them into videos, Pinterest boards, etc.

16:56 – Stephan mentions the book Content Rules which helps you figure out how to tell your story and the best platform for you to use.

18:50 – Stephan talks about people who have been in business a long time and have a hard time jumping into social media. He suggests they start answering questions and create content around those answers.

22:34 – Ben talks about having a buyers persona for business owners and for their customers.

23:21 – Rebekah talks about identifying pain points and finding out what is keeping business owners from moving forward. It’s also important to know what buyers are doing in their day to day lives.

25:14 – Stephan mentions how knowing where pain points show up in the buying process is real gold.

28:31 – Question from Charlotte Pierce – “What about people like me who are into a bunch of different things – book publishing, trade association, concert production, author interview show. Do you know anyone like that, and how to integrate the social media?”

30:00 – Rebekah talks about how important consistency in social media is and how you need to identify what it is you want to put out there.

31:08 – Ben talks +mentions how you need to to pick your passion and play to that as your strength.

32:28 – Stephan talks about exercising control when posting on social media and creating different topical pages on various social media outlets.

38:51 – Rebekah talks about Sprout Social and Buffer as tools she uses.

40:48 – Stephan talks about Evernote.

41:51– Question from Jason to Rebekah “Do you use VA’s? What is your favorite source for finding them?”

43:09 – Ben talks about doing things organically on social media and his new Steady Demand Pro Tool.

46:01 – Question from Jason W. “What are some task you have VA’s do?”

49:00 – Question from Laura Williams for Ben “Do you have a daily plan for working social media organically?”

Bonus: Rebekah has created a fantastic workbook called 10 ways to use social media to virtually crush the competition (no charge, email opt in). Definitely use this as a guide, so much of what we talked about in this video carries over to her workbook.

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