The power of relationship in email marketing

The power of relationship in email marketing

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Wade Harman‘s Relationship Marketing show to discuss a passion of mine, email marketing.

Email marketing is not to be construed as simply another broadcasting channel. There is a stigma around email marketing, and the discussion in this show was aimed at dispelling that stigma, and offering insights to bloggers and businesses trying to get more value out of their email lists.

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Key takeaways


  • The stigma around email marketing is because companies, for the most part, haven’t made the commitment to shift their thinking from a one-to-many relationship (more appropriate for social), to a one-to-one relationship (I am in your inbox, speaking to you and nobody else right now).
  • You always want to move visitors and social connections back to something you own, and that is your email list. Otherwise you are the whim of these networks on which you market and grow an audience.
  • When you are testing different facets of list acquisition (signup box location, pop-ups), consider whether or not you have delivered a value proposition to subscribing.
  • Free offers (for list building) should be supplemented with future content that relates to the offer. Learn your list churn rate and how long subscribers stay on.
  • Promote your email signups on social media!
  • Encourage your subscribers to start a dialog with you, somehow. Even companies can come up with ways to manage replies or follow-up.
  • Learn to write, writing is one of the best ways to develop relationships.
  • Test as much as possible (but only one thing at a time)!

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