Google+ Training

Getting started on Google Plus?

Looking to take your G+ experience to the next level?

In need of personalized Google Plus Training for you on your business?

Why not use my extensive experience on Google Plus to help you do all these things, and more? Better yet, why not combine my extensive experience on Google Plus with experience in online marketing, content management and web design to take you, your blog, or your business to new heights in the world’s second-largest social network?

With personalized attention and access, not self-help training videos, I can show you how to:

  • use Google Plus,
  • find information that’s useful to you, and
  • strategically boost traffic to your business and website.

In other words, let me take the burden off your hands of trying to figure out this behemoth of a social network, and help you focus on what will give you the best experience possible. Your time on Google+ will be more productive, while you continue to focus on your blog, your business, or maybe even your activity other social networks.

Why do I need this?

An active member on Google Plus has significant benefits, especially if you’re in business. Here are just a few reasons to consider:

  1. Posts on Google+ are indexed in Google search. And if someone who has you in their circles searches for something you write about, your post is more likely to push toward the top of the search results page.
  2. Posts on Google+ are indexed in Google search. Yes I said this twice, and for a good reason. In addition to the potential boost in search rankings, an active user has the ability to create additional keyword-rich content about their business or brand. That makes you an authority, an authority that has more content being indexed by the world’s largest search engine.
  3. I keep tabs on the changes to Google+ so you don’t have to. From cover photos to mobile to bugs, you can ask me anything and I’ll find out the answer for you. More importantly, I’ll communicate whether changes will impact your strategy on Google+, be it positive or negative.
  4. Every person and brand will use Google+ differently. Having a personal “concierge” — if you will — who can guide you through Google Plus in a manner that makes sense for your goals is extremely valuable.

Google Plus Training Services

There are two ways to work with me when it comes to Google Plus. You can pay an hourly rate for training or a specific problem/need, or you can choose from one of my monthly options to have ongoing access when you need it.

Hourly Google+ Training

Personal Consultation/Training is available if you just want to talk about Google+ or your Google+ strategies, but don’t want to commit to a monthly program.

  • Two 30-minute mini-sessions: $200
  • Session blocks (60 minutes each) of 3, 5 and 10
    • 3 Session Blocks: $500
    • 5 Session Blocks: $750
    • 10 Session Blocks: $1,250

Corporate-Level Training is also available in session or module-based blocks, and with invoiced billing instead of PayPal. I’ll show you how to take full advantage of Google+ for your business, beyond just posting and page management. Learn to use Hangouts, Auto-Awesome, circling and sharing techniques, and more. Maybe you’ll still want me to do most of the heavy lifting described in the Your Google+ Agent service available to members. But as a business, it’s always advisable to know what’s behind the initiatives being put forth by your agencies, so you can build on them yourself.

Call Stephan Hovnanian to discuss corporate Google Plus training and pricing options. (781) 538-5901

Questions? Get in touch, I’m here to help

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Phone: (781) 538-5901

Or send me a private message on Google+ by sharing a new post to +Stephan Hovnanian (make sure you don’t have any other circles, or Public, selected in the box)