Google+Pinterest with Peg Fitzpatrick

Google+Pinterest with Peg Fitzpatrick
Take your Google Plus marketing up a notch with the Google+ Pro Tips ebooks series.

Take your Google Plus marketing up a notch with the Google+ Pro Tips ebooks series.

In case you didn’t know, there are great synergies between Google+ and Pinterest, which Peg Fitzpatrick and myself are going to explore in this hangout. Among the topics we plan to cover…

  • using the #pinoftheday hashtag
  • cross-promoting content on Google+ and Pinterest
  • directing traffic between the two networks and your own website

Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick is a writer, social media passionista and general all around happy person!

Peg works with Guy Kawasaki on community management, social media marketing strategy, and innovating the world of social media. She’s also the director of marketing and social media manager for Kreussler Inc. covering the online brand management and well as traditional marketing.

You can find Peg as writer and managing partner at 12 Most. 12 Most is a dynamic community of influential, globally-renowned writers & business experts publishing amazing content. She also founded the popular Twitter chat #MyBookClub which meets once a month to talk to the brightest authors on social media.


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Show Notes

Peg and I covered a lot of ideas and strategies in this webcast. The biggest takeaway is this: Pinterest can boost everything else you do & it has the longest life of any social media platform.

Creating quote graphics with Pinstamatic

Pinstamatic is a great tool to use for graphics, or to create images from quotes you get in testimonials, hear on Twitter, etc. However, when you pin the picture the site creates, you need to Edit the pin and change the link to point to your site (it defaults to That’s really important! Peg also recommends adding the URL to the description.

Enhancing your blog post images with Google+

Stephan takes the full sized images from his blog posts and uploads them to Google+. Then he’ll use the built-in editing tools to add text on top. Then he’ll download it and use that image as the one for his Pinterest pin. Having the text on top of the picture on Pinterest clues people into the topic of the post and draws them in to repin it.

“Pin it for later”

The idea of “Pin it for later” goes like this:

  1. Publish your blog post (secret tip: hit the +1 button on your post to get Google to crawl it faster)
  2. Create a pin for it on Pinterest, using one of your blog images or an enhanced one.
  3. Create a new Photo post on Google+.
  4. In the photo post, do a writeup of the blog article, and add the URL to it.
  5. Then, copy the URL of the pin on Pinterest that leads back to your blog post.
  6. Add “Pin it for later: [paste Pinterest URL]” to your Photo post

Here’s an example of a well-crafted post from Rebekah Radice that has all the pieces: 6 Keys to Google+ Community Etiquette

This essentially creates two calls to action: click the link, and/or put the link on Pinterest. People who have active and engaging Pinterest followers will respond to the pin, which in the long run, may help you more than the “social proof” that the +1’s on your photo post would have passed along to your blog article.

Stephan has been doing something different: instead of “Pin it for later” he tells people which Pinterest board he pinned the article to. This raises awareness of the board itself, and in the few loose tests he’s done has definitely resulted in better response on Pinterest. Example: All your Embedded Posts intel in one +Joshua Berg gold mine

#pinoftheday and hashtags

Peg originated the #pinoftheday hashtag (WOW, right?!) and it’s being used on all the major social networks. This means power users and brands are all following it, looking for inspiration. Pick your best post and do the Pin it for Later technique on Google+, and it might get picked up by other Google+ users looking for inspiration themselves. Hashtags are all about discovery outside your own network, and what better way than to hop onto an established hashtag?

The other way to find established hashtags is to check out what established users are using on social networks. For Google+ that would mean looking at users who dominate certain areas of expertise (Ronnie Bincer, for example, when it comes to Hangouts on Air). Checking the Trending Topics will also give you insights as to the spellings and word variations people are using for their hashtags. Just be careful to match your content to the appropriate hashtag. In other words, don’t use one just because it’s trending…the community normally won’t respond to that type of activity.

Pinning straight from Google+

Parting Thoughts

Integrating Google+ and Pinterest takes advantage of two visual-oriented social networks, and also two social networks that have long-term benefits in search.

Additionally, you have to have a strategy with every post you put out on social. Maybe the “Pin it for Later” approach isn’t right for one type of post, but would work wonders for another. Similarly, maybe it makes more sense to actually pin your Google+ posts instead of your blog posts, especially when you know the Google+ post can lead people to your blog.

Like anything strategy related, these are all tools for our tool belts, and we have to determine what works best for our own individual situation and goals.

Bonus #1 – A “Cheat” for Pinning larger images from blog posts

Peg inspired this screencast, actually, after she pinned my Google+ Profile Optimization article to Google+ Resources #EvangG+. After I put this together, though, I realized I had to update the graphics on some of my other articles to have text on them, like my extremely popular Google+ Hovercard article. Peg figured out the trick below, as you can see here, and this article continues to drive traffic to my site from Pinterest.

Bonus #2 – A Shared Google+ Circle of Influential Pinterest users


Tip: to pin this, click on the image to load up the large version in the lightbox. Then use the bookmarklet and you’ll see both the thumbnail and the full size one (look at the dimensions). Of course, if you watched the video in “Bonus #1″ you’d already know this!

Peg helped me come up with a circle of really awesome Pinterest users who are also on Google+. Some are newer to Google+, some are veterans, but all are worth checking out. We’ve also included those who added their Pinterest profiles to our original Event page for this webcast. Hopefully this will help everyone get to know each other see what everyone else is doing.

About Stephan Hovnanian

I own Shovi Websites, a website design and email marketing company located outside Boston. I spend my days managing websites and staying up to speed with all the latest trends across the web so you don't have to.

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  • Preston Odenbrett

    Thanks guys.. I learned a lot more then I knew before, will have to give this a shot.. question I have is I do have requests from other pinners to post on my community boards, I have tried to let them do this, but for some reason it is not working.. I will have to review this recording, since my sound and audio broke up more then once.

    • Stephan Hovnanian

      Glad to help, Preston. I don’t know about the community boards, Peg invited me to one and I remember that the notification was a little weird. The email I got took me to an empty page, but the notification in my notification tray on the Pinterest site was where I ultimately was able to accept the invite. Maybe that helps? If not, you might want to reach out to their support people. Thanks again for watching!

    • Anna Bennett

      Hello @prestonodenbrett:disqus and @stephanhov:disqus – Group board rules have changed twice since July 2013…can you believe it? The new rules is that the Pinterest user who would like to be a board contributor and the owner of the group board has to follow each other. This is the only way you can add someone to your group board. Hope that helps.

  • Anna Bennett

    Nice job! I’ll definitely follow you both on Pinterest! Here’s a board that I dedicate free Pinterest tips

    • Stephan Hovnanian

      Thank you Anna!

  • Peg Fitzpatrick

    Thank you for inviting me on your Hangout series, Stephan! It was really fun to chat with you and I think we came up with some interesting ideas.

    • Stephan Hovnanian

      Are you kidding?! I’m honored to have you on, Peg. The best part about this was how we were able to sneak in some new Google+ features, like the embedded post, as part of the event marketing. Now, this page becomes a pretty complete resource for the entire event. I’m elated!