Welcome to my inbox…don’t screw it up

Welcome to my inbox…don’t screw it up

email-marketing-strategy-hoa-ontracktipsWhen someone follows you on social media, they are entering into a one-to-many relationship with your company. In other words, your company creates content with which your followers engage. You control that content on your own profile. Anyone can interact with you or with each other.

Email marketing is a different animal. A one-to-one relationship. Nobody else can see what the two of you are talking about. It’s intimate, like being invited into a home for dinner. The best part about the relationship you have with your subscribers is that they are just about guaranteed to see your content in their inbox. No algorithms, pay-to-play, or timing issues with email marketing. If you missed the perfect window to have your email opened, the subscriber can go back later, no biggie.

The “email is dead” thing that online marketers are touting day in and day out is based on a one-to-many model. And in that sense, the marketers are right. You cannot succeed in email marketing if you are not willing to embrace that one-to-one relationship in someone’s inbox.

In this On Track Tips interview, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Jason T. Wiser, and the two of us dished about how to truly build an email strategy that works.

Watch: Not just email marketing, this is strategy!

Main questions:

  • What is permission based marketing?
  • Is email dead?
  • Who can benefit from email marketing?
  • What’s the difference between connections on social media and email lists?
  • What are your likes/dislikes on email systems (Awebber, Mailchimp, Active Campaign)?
  • What do some companies send text base emails and others send emails with heavy graphics?
  • What do I need to accomplish in this email?
  • Do image heavy emails convert as well as text based?
  • How do you construct the perfect email?
  • Should you use the “dear” insert?
  • What’s the best time of day/day of the week to send out emails?
  • What are the industry standards percentage rates?
  • How do you use segmenting?
  • How do you re-engage people who didn’t open the email?

Ninja Tricks:

  • Take a picture of a video and insert it into email with link to that video.
  • Start telling your story in the description, then after a sentence or two, have “read more”.
  • Be human (not very ninja, but until companies catch on, you have an advantage).
  • Use shorter sentences.
  • Write in active tense.
  • Learn how to use triggers.
  • Put call to action at the top of email and in a few other places.
  • Put three blog posts on page for more clicks on the top blog.

I hope you enjoyed this interview. Jason runs a fantastic show, and has awesome guests to talk about how to really grow your business. Definitely subscribe to his email list by visiting OnTrackTips.com and, as he says, “Clicking the Red Button!”

If you are interested in discussing your email strategy, join me for a Google Helpout.

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