Creating a Google Plus Subscription Circle

Creating a Google Plus Subscription Circle

Creating a Google+ Subscription CircleAfter logging in a few dozen hours on Google Plus, you’re bound to find some users whose content you absolutely must not miss. It might be your favorite brand, a Google Plus power user who shares tips and tricks, or a content curator who consistently posts quality links to web pages you need to read.

Like all social networks, the “news feed” of posts from people you follow on Google Plus is a never ending stream. If you only log on once in a while, you could easily miss important posts from these favorite users of yours.

So, here is a simple tip on how to be sure you never miss a post from someone important:

Create a Subscription Circle


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In this short video we are going to show you how to create a “subscription” circle for all the users whose posts you do not want to miss. There are a couple of ways to create the circle, but we are going to start from scratch, so you will first go to the People tab on the desktop. Then click “Your Circles”.

Next, go to the first place in the list of circles and click the “New Circle” button, shown here as an empty circle with a Plus symbol in it. Name the circle “Subscriptions” and hit “Create”.

We can now add people to this circle by typing their name, or dragging them into the circle from the list of people I follow. I’m going to add a friend of mine, Alexis Dem, here on this page. First I click the new Subscriptions circle I created so it loads up in the top part of my screen. Next, I click “Add a person” and start typing Alexis’s name. When I see her profile pop up I click on her. Now Alexis is in my Subscribed circle, but that’s not the end.

To enable notifications for this circle, we are going to go back to the Home Stream, then click over to my new Subscriptions circle at the top of the home screen If you don’t see the name of the circle, click the “More” link and locate it from the list. Once you’ve loaded the circle into your screen, look to the right side of the page. There is a card that shows who is in the circle, as well as an option to turn on notifications. That’s what we need to do now. You can also adjust whether or not the posts show up in your home stream using the cog here, and that’s up to your personal preference.

Now, the next time Alexis posts something, I am going to get a notification in my notification tray. If I have either phone or email notifications enabled for subscribed circles, I will get that notification as well. Those are called “push” notifications, but the subscription itself really relates to the bell icon we clicked on earlier.

Let’s subscribe to someone else, one of my favorite brands, Sprout Social. To do that, I simply locate one of Sprout Social’s latest posts, hover over their name, and add them to the “Subscriptions” circle right from their hovercard. Now, since that circle automatically sends me notifications anytime someone in it makes a post, I will also be able to keep tabs on them.

You can imagine how this will turn into notification overload if you subscribe to too many profiles and pages. I would recommend reviewing these profiles periodically and making adjustments to your subscriptions.

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    Very useful post Stephan. I really need to sort out my stream to accomodate this.
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