Is your contact form killing conversions?

Is your contact form killing conversions?

We contact companies in many different ways today:

“Siri, find me a pizza restaurant.”

“OK Google, I’m looking for an insurance agent in Lexington, MA.”

Those two voice commands are going to pull up local searches, right? If you’re the Lexington insurance agent, or the pizza restaurant 0.2 miles from that user, is your phone number readily available?

Semantic search is making it even easier for Google in particular to find the best answers to your questions, and their Hummingbird update is learning to cut out some of those extra words (i.e. “I’m looking for”) so you can search for, and find, things more naturally and quickly than ever before.

Are you taking advantage of a visitor’s desire to contact your business?

Moving beyond the search results, we have our own websites. Clunky contact forms aren’t cutting it anymore. The more complicated you make it for a visitor to find contact information, the less likely they are to contact you. That’s what this webcast is about.

Mike Bayes is President of MyOneCall, LLC, a sales acceleration and search engine marketing company that has helped countless service businesses get found and boost sales.

Steve Smithwick is President & Chief Operating Officer of Teledini. Steve is an early pioneer in VoIP and has a successful track record of creating solid growth companies.

Stephan Hovnanian owns Shovi Websites, a web strategy and email marketing firm based outside Boston, MA. Stephan helps businesses understand how to use today’s technology and marketing strategies to build a better, smarter web presence.

Is your contact form killing conversions?

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Is your contact form killing conversions?


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