Lessons About Social Conversion Optimization


How do you measure and optimize conversion from social media activity? Five pros share their stories in this panel discussion to celebrate International Conversion Rate Optimization Day.

Great Email Design is More Than How It Looks


There’s more to a successful and well-designed email campaign than being mobile-friendly, and Justine Jordan from Litmus breaks it down for us in the final installment of our Get Smart About Email Marketing web series.

Grow Your Email List Using Landing Pages


What are the best ways to get more email subscribers using landing pages? Georgiana Laudi of Unbounce drops some serious knowledge in this third episode of the Get Smart About Email Marketing web series.

Tips for Higher Conversions Using Marketing Automation


The more you know about how your subscribers interact with your emails, the more relevant you can be to them. In our second episode of Get Smart About Email Marketing, we delve into segmenting and marketing automations.

What Makes a Great Email Newsletter?


Email marketing specialists DJ Waldow and Stephan Hovnanian dig into these topics and more in the first of a four-part web series called Get Smart About Email Marketing.

If I had a nickel: What you need to know about image copyright

Copyright, Images, hangout

In our final installment of “If I had a nickel” we are tackling image copyright. This is an incredibly important topic for content creators and website owners with guest expert Sara F. Hawkins.

If I had a nickel…Does this plugin make my site look fat?


There’s a plugin for everything, but what they do to your website’s performance could surprise you. Learn what you need, and what you don’t, in this episode.

If I had a nickel…Google Analytics, more than just pretty charts


There is some serious intel that you can get from your web stats, stuff that will help you make real business decisions about how to use your website and your online marketing strategy. And nobody knows how to get us set up and on the right track than David Kutcher .

If I had a nickel…Detangling Your Local Google Presence


Learn all about local search, what goes into your local presence, and how to maximize your return on time from one of the best in the business, Mike Blumenthal.

If I had a nickel…tips for transitioning to a new web provider


Have you ever switched hosting providers? Hired a new webmaster? Lost an employee…along with the logins to all your online services and social accounts? Sucks, doesn’t it? We have you covered in this inaugural episode of “If I had a nickel…”