Strategic Posting and Sharing on Google Plus

To share, or not to share?

Sharing and re-sharing are big parts of the Google Plus culture. Although, if you’ve paid attention to any content that “gets legs” on Google Plus, you’re bound to notice some users spreading the word differently than others. Ever wonder why that happens? Let’s find out…

Search tips within Google Plus

Google+ Search Tips

Google “owns” search, they own Google+, yet “Search within Google Plus” is a bit tricky. These techniques will help you find what you’re looking for in no time flat.

Google Plus Cover Template

Google cover template download

This latest installment of the Google+ Cover Template includes examples of how the template adapts to wider screens, multiple columns in your home stream, and both Android & iOS apps. It’s my most comprehensive template to date.

Google Plus Hovercard: the ultimate personal branding tool

Google+ Hovercard for networking

Your hovercard is a digital calling card across an entire social network. When optimized, it will help you connect with the right people and drive home your brand identity. This is a run-through of how to do that with your Google+ profile.

Using Google+ Pages & Communities for Content Curation

Content Curation on Google+ helps with SEO

Curating content using Google+ Pages or Communities (or both!) is a fantastic method for building authority on a topic, as well as create some valuable SEO “juice” for your website. This article explains the reasons behind content curation using Google+ versus other methods.

Pro Tip: Google Plus sharing and notifications techniques

Best ways to share on Google Plus

Sharing is one of the most important parts of Google Plus: it builds authority, exposes you to new audiences, and can do wonders for your web traffic. I’m going to walk you through the sharing and re-sharing of a post, so you can see how to leverage sharing and notifications work to maximize your exposure and reach.

Pro Tip: Crowdsourcing on Google Plus

Crowdsourcing on Google Plus

If you’re using Google Plus to crowdsource questions, you have to set up your post in a way that will drive all comments to one spot for the maximum benefit. Here are some strategies to do that, as well as how to manage the activity surrounding sharing and commenting.

New Google+ Profile & Cover Photo Style Guide

New Google+ Cover Photo "Style Guide". You're welcome to download and use this yourself.

The new Google+ profile cover photo is gigantic, and presents a challenge to designers & marketers to figure out the best way to tell their story visually. I built a style guide to help.

Tips for Choosing a Great Community on Google+

Choosing a Community on Google+

Choosing the right community to join on Google+ (or any social network) can be overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to spot the good ones.

Pro Tip: Checking your Facebook Cover Photo against the 20% Text Policy

Text on a Facebook cover photo cannot exceed 20% coverage

Wondering how to calculate the 20% maximum amount of text that Facebook allows on your cover photo? Grab a calculator, pencil and Photoshop and watch this quick tutorial.