The sad truth about “Best Time to Post” infographics

The sad truth about "best time to post" infographics

Here’s the sad truth about “best time to post” infographics: they look at the fan base of whatever data set they’re using, pick out the times that represented the highest engagement (comments, “likes”, etc.), and report it as gospel to everyone. Unfortunately, there are critical factors that influence the “best times” to post on social media, but they don’t make the cut when the infographic is created. We’ll explore three of them.

Denise Wakeman on Getting More out of your Social Media Presence

Getting more out of your social media presence, with Denise Wakeman

“Getting more from [X]” is a catch-phrase these days, so when I talk about getting more out of your social media presence, I want to be clear about what we’re really talking about. You see, all the time we spend learning, testing and participating in social media takes a toll on us and our businesses. The toll could be time, dollars, or both. At some point, we ask ourselves, “is all this really worth it?” Denise Wakeman is here to tell us how to answer that question.

The Pocket Guide to Google+

The Pocket Guide to Google+

Over 300 Links, 30 Hours of Video, 189 Slides & 15 Decks. Use this guide of Google+’s top influencers to access their best content, in one place.

Pro Tip: Tracking Guest Blog Posts on Social Media

Guest blog post tracking on social networks

This one simple tip will help you track mentions of your blog posts across Google+, Twitter, and other social networks. Very useful if people forget to mention you when they share your post.

Optimizing your Google Plus Profile

Google+ Profile Optimization

Everything you do on Google+ tells Google about who you are, so it can match you with people looking for things you know a lot about. This article shows you how to optimize and leverage that…all of it.

Complete Guide to Google+ Curation Pages

Google+ Curation Pages are powerful

Using a Google+ Page for curating content, instead of your personal profile, is simple and extremely effective. This guide will give you everything you need to know to set up your curation page on Google Plus.

Creating a Google Plus Subscription Circle

Creating a Google+ Subscription Circle

After logging in a few dozen hours on Google Plus, you’re bound to find some users whose content you absolutely must not miss. It might be your favorite brand, a Google Plus power user who shares tips and tricks, or a content curator who consistently posts quality links to web pages you need to read. Like all social networks, the “news feed” of posts from people you follow on Google Plus is a never ending stream. So, here is a simple tip on how to be sure you never miss a post from someone important.

List Building using Google+ Notification circles

Google Plus Notification Circles

There is a feature in Google Plus that allows you to “push” a notification of your post to a set of users in one or more circles. The real benefit of these notifications is to build awareness of a post, so that users interested in your content won’t miss it. Sounds a lot like email marketing, doesn’t it? Yes it does, and here is how to apply some email marketing best practices to build your notification circle.

Pro Tip: Blog Citations on Google Plus

Google Plus Backlinks Strategy

To really get the attention of authors and influencers when adding links to their websites in our blogs, we don’t use trackbacks or pingbacks. No, we are going to use Google Plus. Here is the 5-step plan to rock attribution and citations.

SEO for your Google+ Cover Photo

Your current Google Plus cover links to your profile

Every time you share an image on Google Plus (Public shares), the post is indexed by Google. The fact that the post is a “Photo” type of post means it will be indexed as an image, and appear in Image search results. So, applying basic SEO principles to your cover image will work just like they do on blog posts and websites.