Integrated Marketing: what you need to know


A fabulous interview of integrated marketing expert, Shelly Kramer, about how your entire team needs to start working together.

New ebook series for maximizing Google+ strategy

Take your Google Plus marketing up a notch with the Google+ Pro Tips ebooks series.

This new Google+ Pro Tips series of ebooks will cover strategies for all facets of Google+ marketing and branding, and combine information from blog posts, hangouts, and content I’ve created around the internet into one easy access point.

Break out of the expertise echo chamber of social networks

Pantheon, Rome, Italy. Image credit Michael Bennett Photography

We all need to find ways to take our proficiency at a platform to outsiders. This article is based on my experience with Google+, and lays out what I plan to do next.

Guest blogging is dead, so is email marketing, SEO…


If email marketing, SEO, and guest blogging are all dead, then the apocalypse is truly upon us. Or it’s just a matter of people who stink at these things making a lot of noise.

Supercharge your personal brand: be a guest on Google+ Hangouts On-Air


We all know YouTube has its share of amazing “shows” where individuals have taken their webcam and turned themselves into superstars. Now, there’s a new wave of “hosts” coming on board, and they’re using Google+ Hangouts On-Air (HOA’s) to create a ton of exposure, not just for themselves, but for their guests as well.

What Pinterest brings to the semantic web


Pinterest users are creating an amazing opportunity for marketers and companies looking to tell their story online. This article explores the semantic search and interest graph side of things.

A future-proof blueprint for successful online marketing

Image copyright Bernard Katz Glass

Today’s web and online marketing landscape is changing. We have more demands on us by our customers and technology than ever before. How do we stay on top, or even ahead, of these demands? There’s hope in this future-proof blueprint.

Choosing the best strategy for your social media posts

Choosing the best strategy for your social media posts

Just like choosing the best time to post on social media, several factors contribute to what will truly constitute a successful post for you on social media. Each format and strategy has its own pros and cons, and it’s up to you to pick which combinations of images, links, questions and calls to action best fit your goal for the post.

Is your business ready for Google’s Semantic Search?

Semantic search rewards quality and authenticity

If you are serious about maintaining a competitive web presence for the foreseeable future, this book should be a major part of your online marketing strategy.

Google+Pinterest with Peg Fitzpatrick

Google+Pinterest with Peg Fitzpatrick

Google+ and Pinterest are today’s hottest image-oriented social networks. In this webcast we sit down with Peg Fitzpatrick to discuss how to capitalize on the two, drive traffic to your site and expose your audience to new content.