How to REALLY use social media to your advantage


Tips, tricks, and tactics, are short-lived when it comes to social media, because the platforms change things so frequently. Conversely, the mindset and approach in this article will put you on a path to really benefit from what social media can offer your business.

Finding the Utility of Social Networks


To make social work for your business, and be worth your time, you’ll need to combine what you know about your firm (lead nurturing process, core services, buyer personas, etc.) with an understanding of the audience, the reach, and the features of each social network. From there, you can craft a strategy that is focused and purposeful, no matter what the reasons for joining a specific network.

Lessons About Social Conversion Optimization


How do you measure and optimize conversion from social media activity? Five pros share their stories in this panel discussion to celebrate International Conversion Rate Optimization Day.

How Social Listening Can Increase Webinar Signups


Finding and engaging with conversations around events and hashtags is an incredibly powerful way to build influence. Learn how in this quick video about a webinar I’m hosting for Conversion Rate Optimization Day.

Is Google+ Right for Your Business?

Is Google+ Right for Your Business?

Businesses large and small can benefit from having a presence on Google+, but the reasons and features that will best fit them will change based on the type of business. This article outlines everything you need to know.

The 2015 Marketing Year in Review


That’s no typo, I’m calling it before it even happens. This is part tongue-in-cheek, part truth about what to expect in 2015 for marketing your business.

If I had a nickel: What you need to know about image copyright

Copyright, Images, hangout

In our final installment of “If I had a nickel” we are tackling image copyright. This is an incredibly important topic for content creators and website owners with guest expert Sara F. Hawkins.

If I had a nickel…Detangling Your Local Google Presence


Learn all about local search, what goes into your local presence, and how to maximize your return on time from one of the best in the business, Mike Blumenthal.

Build a Realistic, Powerful Social Strategy


The keys to building a viable social strategy for your business isn’t tips and tricks. No, it starts with experience and knowledge, which you have as a business owner. Watch this power chat which is all about strategy to learn how.

Build Massive Brand Equity as a Hangouts on Air Producer

Build brand equity using Google+ Hangouts on Air

In an interview with myself (that’s right), I talk about David Amerland’s latest book, Google+ Hangouts for Business, and how his blueprint for success is reflected in how I am running Google+ Business Spotlight.