Creating a Google Plus Subscription Circle

Creating a Google+ Subscription Circle

After logging in a few dozen hours on Google Plus, you’re bound to find some users whose content you absolutely must not miss. It might be your favorite brand, a Google Plus power user who shares tips and tricks, or a content curator who consistently posts quality links to web pages you need to read. Like all social networks, the “news feed” of posts from people you follow on Google Plus is a never ending stream. So, here is a simple tip on how to be sure you never miss a post from someone important.

List Building using Google+ Notification circles

Google Plus Notification Circles

There is a feature in Google Plus that allows you to “push” a notification of your post to a set of users in one or more circles. The real benefit of these notifications is to build awareness of a post, so that users interested in your content won’t miss it. Sounds a lot like email marketing, doesn’t it? Yes it does, and here is how to apply some email marketing best practices to build your notification circle.

Pro Tip: Blog Citations on Google Plus

Google Plus Backlinks Strategy

To really get the attention of authors and influencers when adding links to their websites in our blogs, we don’t use trackbacks or pingbacks. No, we are going to use Google Plus. Here is the 5-step plan to rock attribution and citations.

SEO for your Google+ Cover Photo

Your current Google Plus cover links to your profile

Every time you share an image on Google Plus (Public shares), the post is indexed by Google. The fact that the post is a “Photo” type of post means it will be indexed as an image, and appear in Image search results. So, applying basic SEO principles to your cover image will work just like they do on blog posts and websites.

Strategic Posting and Sharing on Google Plus

To share, or not to share?

Sharing and re-sharing are big parts of the Google Plus culture. Although, if you’ve paid attention to any content that “gets legs” on Google Plus, you’re bound to notice some users spreading the word differently than others. Ever wonder why that happens? Let’s find out…

Search tips within Google Plus

Google+ Search Tips

Google “owns” search, they own Google+, yet “Search within Google Plus” is a bit tricky. These techniques will help you find what you’re looking for in no time flat.

Google Plus Cover Template

Google cover template download

This latest installment of the Google+ Cover Template includes examples of how the template adapts to wider screens, multiple columns in your home stream, and both Android & iOS apps. It’s my most comprehensive template to date.

Google Plus Hovercard: the ultimate personal branding tool

Google+ Hovercard for networking

Your hovercard is a digital calling card across an entire social network. When optimized, it will help you connect with the right people and drive home your brand identity. This is a run-through of how to do that with your Google+ profile.

Using Google+ Pages & Communities for Content Curation

Content Curation on Google+ helps with SEO

Curating content using Google+ Pages or Communities (or both!) is a fantastic method for building authority on a topic, as well as create some valuable SEO “juice” for your website. This article explains the reasons behind content curation using Google+ versus other methods.

How the Google+ Recommendations pop-up works

The pop-up when activated.

The Google+ Recommendations feature on mobile devices acts as a “Recommended posts” plugin, but is completely social in nature. In other words, the navigation paths aren’t attributed to someone already being on your website; rather, they are attributed to Google+. Read more about what this might mean for your analytics.