(Mini Case Study): Conversion Lessons From an Interactive Web Series


A small study outlining the ingredients in our Get Smart About Email Marketing interactive web series, and how we produced it using Google Hangouts On Air, email marketing, and landing pages to grow a highly targeted audience.

Is Google+ Right for Your Business?

Is Google+ Right for Your Business?

Businesses large and small can benefit from having a presence on Google+, but the reasons and features that will best fit them will change based on the type of business. This article outlines everything you need to know.

Build Massive Brand Equity as a Hangouts on Air Producer

Build brand equity using Google+ Hangouts on Air

In an interview with myself (that’s right), I talk about David Amerland’s latest book, Google+ Hangouts for Business, and how his blueprint for success is reflected in how I am running Google+ Business Spotlight.

New ebook series for maximizing Google+ strategy

Take your Google Plus marketing up a notch with the Google+ Pro Tips ebooks series.

This new Google+ Pro Tips series of ebooks will cover strategies for all facets of Google+ marketing and branding, and combine information from blog posts, hangouts, and content I’ve created around the internet into one easy access point.

Break out of the expertise echo chamber of social networks

Pantheon, Rome, Italy. Image credit Michael Bennett Photography

We all need to find ways to take our proficiency at a platform to outsiders. This article is based on my experience with Google+, and lays out what I plan to do next.

Supercharge your personal brand: be a guest on Google+ Hangouts On-Air


We all know YouTube has its share of amazing “shows” where individuals have taken their webcam and turned themselves into superstars. Now, there’s a new wave of “hosts” coming on board, and they’re using Google+ Hangouts On-Air (HOA’s) to create a ton of exposure, not just for themselves, but for their guests as well.

Is your business ready for Google’s Semantic Search?

Semantic search rewards quality and authenticity

If you are serious about maintaining a competitive web presence for the foreseeable future, this book should be a major part of your online marketing strategy.

The Pocket Guide to Google+

The Pocket Guide to Google+

Over 300 Links, 30 Hours of Video, 189 Slides & 15 Decks. Use this guide of Google+’s top influencers to access their best content, in one place.

Optimizing your Google Plus Profile

Google+ Profile Optimization

Everything you do on Google+ tells Google about who you are, so it can match you with people looking for things you know a lot about. This article shows you how to optimize and leverage that…all of it.

Complete Guide to Google+ Curation Pages

Google+ Curation Pages are powerful

Using a Google+ Page for curating content, instead of your personal profile, is simple and extremely effective. This guide will give you everything you need to know to set up your curation page on Google Plus.