Search tips within Google Plus

Google+ Search Tips

Google “owns” search, they own Google+, yet “Search within Google Plus” is a bit tricky. These techniques will help you find what you’re looking for in no time flat.

Pro Tip: Better Website Update Requests

Website Update Request By Email

If I had a nickel, even a penny, for every time an email came through with “website” in the subject line, I’d be sitting on the beach, retired, sipping a cocktail with one of those plastic swords skewering fresh fruit picked off the tree behind me. In this post, we’re going to take a look at some tips to make your support requests more effective.

Pro Tip: Google Plus sharing and notifications techniques

Best ways to share on Google Plus

Sharing is one of the most important parts of Google Plus: it builds authority, exposes you to new audiences, and can do wonders for your web traffic. I’m going to walk you through the sharing and re-sharing of a post, so you can see how to leverage sharing and notifications work to maximize your exposure and reach.

Pro Tip: Crowdsourcing on Google Plus

Crowdsourcing on Google Plus

If you’re using Google Plus to crowdsource questions, you have to set up your post in a way that will drive all comments to one spot for the maximum benefit. Here are some strategies to do that, as well as how to manage the activity surrounding sharing and commenting.

Ctrl+WTF? How to paste from Word without wrecking your web page

Pasting from Word

Have you ever pasted text into a web page, then saw weird symbols & characters, or the fonts were all screwed up? This is why, and how to prevent it.

Pro Tip: Domain Name Registration Terms

Credit Card Expiration Field

At least once a year, a client comes to me in a panic because their domain name expired. There’s never a good excuse for why this should happen, although I think I know why it does. Domain names expire because there’s a mismatch between the expiration date of the domain and that of the credit […]

Pro Tip: Requesting Website Changes

Website Update Request Checklist

After the initial warm glow of a website launch fades, you have to focus your attention on keeping it up to date. An up-to-date website performs better in search engines, keeps visitors coming back, and encourages sharing and engagement on social networks. Here is a real-life website update request form you can use in your own business.

Pro Tip: Checking your Facebook Cover Photo against the 20% Text Policy

Text on a Facebook cover photo cannot exceed 20% coverage

Wondering how to calculate the 20% maximum amount of text that Facebook allows on your cover photo? Grab a calculator, pencil and Photoshop and watch this quick tutorial.

Pro Tip: Using Video in Customer Support

Video Customer Support

With web technologies constantly evolving, it can be hard to explain things to clients using screenshots and narrative. Video clips are great ways to provide visual examples of training & troubleshooting, and the feedback has been along the lines of “this is exactly what we needed!”

Pro Tip: 7 Steps to Better Tech Support

Getting Good Tech Support

Lets face it, nobody likes calling your help desk (IT guy, consultant, etc.). You’re already in a bad mood because something isn’t working right (hence the reason for the call). Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be on your support team’s “Most Wanted” list, as in “Most wanted to work with!”