(Mini Case Study): Conversion Lessons From an Interactive Web Series


A small study outlining the ingredients in our Get Smart About Email Marketing interactive web series, and how we produced it using Google Hangouts On Air, email marketing, and landing pages to grow a highly targeted audience.

Great Email Design is More Than How It Looks


There’s more to a successful and well-designed email campaign than being mobile-friendly, and Justine Jordan from Litmus breaks it down for us in the final installment of our Get Smart About Email Marketing web series.

How to Tell if You’re Boring or Overwhelming Your Autoresponder List

Dealing With Email

If you’re sending tips in an email series, make sure you give your leads enough time to digest them. Here’s how to check if you’re overwhelming them, or if the drop-off is because your emails have become boring.

Grow Your Email List Using Landing Pages


What are the best ways to get more email subscribers using landing pages? Georgiana Laudi of Unbounce drops some serious knowledge in this third episode of the Get Smart About Email Marketing web series.

Four Ways to Deliver on Your Landing Page Promise

Deliver on your landing page promises

What’s the best way to deliver the goods after your landing page collects an email address? Here are four options with pros and cons for each, and tests you can run to see which is best for you.

Tips for Higher Conversions Using Marketing Automation


The more you know about how your subscribers interact with your emails, the more relevant you can be to them. In our second episode of Get Smart About Email Marketing, we delve into segmenting and marketing automations.

What to do NEXT with those landing page emails

Businessman with chalk drawing angel and devil on his shoulders

Getting the email from your landing page is one thing. Being responsible with it is another. Learn the four elements of responsible email marketing on the back end of landing page and opt-in campaigns.

Spruce up your boring RSS-based email campaign


If you send automatic emails to blog subscribers through RSS, here are some tips to add personality and make them more valuable to your subscribers. We cover alternatives to automated email campaigns as well as hybrid ideas.

What Makes a Great Email Newsletter?


Email marketing specialists DJ Waldow and Stephan Hovnanian dig into these topics and more in the first of a four-part web series called Get Smart About Email Marketing.

How a well-planned email newsletter helps you maintain strong client relationships in between engagements

How to create an email newsletter strategy

Professional service firms are at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing themselves and their firms. Your clients typically don’t need you on a regular basis. You’re in and out of their lives and businesses, yet continued interactions are what translate to referrals and new opportunities to work together. So, how does a firm balance their need for client touchpoints without annoying a client who doesn’t need their services at the moment?