Pro Tip: Domain Name Registration Terms

Credit Card Expiration Field

At least once a year, a client comes to me in a panic because their domain name expired. There’s never a good excuse for why this should happen, although I think I know why it does. Domain names expire because there’s a mismatch between the expiration date of the domain and that of the credit […]

Pro Tip: Requesting Website Changes

Website Update Request Checklist

After the initial warm glow of a website launch fades, you have to focus your attention on keeping it up to date. An up-to-date website performs better in search engines, keeps visitors coming back, and encourages sharing and engagement on social networks. Here is a real-life website update request form you can use in your own business.

Pro Tip: Checking your Facebook Cover Photo against the 20% Text Policy

Text on a Facebook cover photo cannot exceed 20% coverage

Wondering how to calculate the 20% maximum amount of text that Facebook allows on your cover photo? Grab a calculator, pencil and Photoshop and watch this quick tutorial.

Pro Tip: Using Video in Customer Support

Video Customer Support

With web technologies constantly evolving, it can be hard to explain things to clients using screenshots and narrative. Video clips are great ways to provide visual examples of training & troubleshooting, and the feedback has been along the lines of “this is exactly what we needed!”

Pro Tip: 7 Steps to Better Tech Support

Getting Good Tech Support

Lets face it, nobody likes calling your help desk (IT guy, consultant, etc.). You’re already in a bad mood because something isn’t working right (hence the reason for the call). Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be on your support team’s “Most Wanted” list, as in “Most wanted to work with!”

Going mobile: Where to Start


With smartphone and tablet usage stats climbing every day, you have no choice but to be prepared to take your online presence mobile. If your customer have to “pinch & zoom” to see you, they’re going somewhere else. This webcast shows you how to get started with going mobile, with suggestions to focus your efforts and some ideas you can implement immediately!

New Years Pro Tip: update your footer’s copyright year

Nothing says “I don’t care about my website” more than an outdated copyright year. If I go to a site, and see “Copyright © 2010″ in the footer, I usually leave. Back in the day, you had to manually update your copyright year every January. Some website systems like WordPress have built-in methods to keep […]

If it ain’t broke, find something to fix

If your website ain't broke, find something to fix

Take a look at these 25 questions relative to your website, its design, content, usage and strategy. Maybe your website is doing a great job in some areas, but others can be tweaked.

6 Reasons to use a static web page for your Google+ Hangout On Air

Google+ Hangouts on Air Tip

A big part of this website revolves around Google+ Hangouts on Air, the “video conference” component of Google’s social layer, Google+. Google+ Hangouts on Air is a live broadcast that streams on YouTube and is then stored as a YouTube video for later viewing. If you’ve ever spent time on YouTube, you know three things: […]

Websites & Social Media: Working Together, not Separately

Google+ Hangouts on Air Tip

This inaugural webcast of WebSIGHT is aimed to help you to understand a little more about why websites & social media should work hand-in-hand, not against or independent of each other, so your entire online presence does a better job of converting people into buyers.