How to REALLY use social media to your advantage


Tips, tricks, and tactics, are short-lived when it comes to social media, because the platforms change things so frequently. Conversely, the mindset and approach in this article will put you on a path to really benefit from what social media can offer your business.

13 Tweaks from #ConvRoadTrip for Higher Conversions


Easy to implement, these takeaways from the Unbounce Road Trip in Boston will make a big impact on conversion, from copywriting to forms, PPC to video, and more.

Finding the Utility of Social Networks


To make social work for your business, and be worth your time, you’ll need to combine what you know about your firm (lead nurturing process, core services, buyer personas, etc.) with an understanding of the audience, the reach, and the features of each social network. From there, you can craft a strategy that is focused and purposeful, no matter what the reasons for joining a specific network.

Lessons About Social Conversion Optimization


How do you measure and optimize conversion from social media activity? Five pros share their stories in this panel discussion to celebrate International Conversion Rate Optimization Day.

(Mini Case Study): Conversion Lessons From an Interactive Web Series


A small study outlining the ingredients in our Get Smart About Email Marketing interactive web series, and how we produced it using Google Hangouts On Air, email marketing, and landing pages to grow a highly targeted audience.

How Social Listening Can Increase Webinar Signups


Finding and engaging with conversations around events and hashtags is an incredibly powerful way to build influence. Learn how in this quick video about a webinar I’m hosting for Conversion Rate Optimization Day.

Great Email Design is More Than How It Looks


There’s more to a successful and well-designed email campaign than being mobile-friendly, and Justine Jordan from Litmus breaks it down for us in the final installment of our Get Smart About Email Marketing web series.

How to Tell if You’re Boring or Overwhelming Your Autoresponder List

Dealing With Email

If you’re sending tips in an email series, make sure you give your leads enough time to digest them. Here’s how to check if you’re overwhelming them, or if the drop-off is because your emails have become boring.

Is Google+ Right for Your Business?

Is Google+ Right for Your Business?

Businesses large and small can benefit from having a presence on Google+, but the reasons and features that will best fit them will change based on the type of business. This article outlines everything you need to know.

Grow Your Email List Using Landing Pages


What are the best ways to get more email subscribers using landing pages? Georgiana Laudi of Unbounce drops some serious knowledge in this third episode of the Get Smart About Email Marketing web series.