6 Reasons to use a static web page for your Google+ Hangout On Air

6 Reasons to use a static web page for your Google+ Hangout On Air

Take your Google Plus marketing up a notch with the Google+ Pro Tips ebooks series.

Take your Google Plus marketing up a notch with the Google+ Pro Tips ebooks series.

A big part of this website revolves around Google+ Hangouts on Air, the “video conference” component of Google’s social layer, Google+.

Google+ Hangouts on Air is a live broadcast that streams on YouTube and is then stored as a YouTube video for later viewing. If you’ve ever spent time on YouTube, you know three things:

  1. Your attention span is limited
  2. You click off to other videos (I call this the “rabbit hole”)
  3. It’s a huge time suck

None of these are good for marketers looking to capture an audience watching their webcast, so here’s the Quick Tip:

Embed the Hangouts on Air YouTube video into a web page, and use that URL as the one you promote for your Hangout On Air.

Why a static web page is better than YouTube

  1. You can use your Analytics software to track visits and activity
  2. You can promote the static URL weeks before the event, instead of having to post the YouTube link right when the event starts
  3. You can use the static URL as a lead-gen form ahead of time, then erase the form and embed the video when the event starts
  4. People who can’t attend the live broadcast have an easy way to find the video afterward
  5. It’s much more professional-looking, and you can control the branding
  6. There’s no YouTube “rabbit hole” to distract the viewer during or after the live broadcast

If we missed any, or if you have experience with this topic, please tell us about it in the comments below. Thanks!

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  • Blair Warner

    Sounds like a great idea and strategy. It makes sense. I certainly will follow your advice. – Blair

    • https://gplus.to/stephanhov Stephan Hovnanian

      thanks Blair!

  • Michelle Fontaine

    Is there a way to embed the video prior to it going live? So people can view it on your web page as it is being recorded? Or embed it after? Great points made here. Thanks +Stephen Hovnanian and +Denise Wakeman for sharing!

    • https://gplus.to/stephanhov Stephan Hovnanian

      Yes. Before you start your broadcast the YouTube video becomes active (people who press “Play” won’t see anything until you actually go live of course). So that’s where you have an opportunity to grab the embed code from YouTube and paste it into your web page.

      • Michelle Fontaine

        Thanks Stephen. I’m also very interested in trying out the new Facebook app 22Social. Mari Smith alerted me to it. You can broadcast a hangout live on that app in Facebook. But your points about having it IN your website are very valid. Thanks again. Michelle ~ FBSmarty.

        • https://gplus.to/stephanhov Stephan Hovnanian

          I heard about that one, and I think the value’s definitely there to have a video app on your FB page, at least to start, and see if people are sticking around. My sense is they might not though. Do you know if the app would work on mobile too, in other words, keep someone in the FB app itself while viewing? That would be huge.

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